Kena Mission

It is the Kena mission to help women stay motivated and fit.  We want to help women find activities that make them want to maintain an active balanced lifestyle.  I think it is important to understand that in order to have an active life that is sustainable you have to find what works for your personality and fits in your lifestyle.  For some that may be running, swimming, and biking in race events and for others it may be an evening walk with your kids.  And, for most it is some combination of things in between.  Having clothes that are comfortable, hold up and perform in those activities is important part of staying motivated to continue.  And, if they can flatter your beautiful body, no matter its shape, even better.  And, that is what we strive to help our customers find.  Our stylists will help you find something that is comfortable and accentuates the positive and not the negative.

We sell performance sportswear to help active women stay motivated and fit.

We are committed to carrying products from companies that inspire us.  Inspiration comes in many ways.  It may be that they are using innovative  and environmentally friendly fabrics, or  their commitment to social stewardship.

Often they are small companies run by strong and empowered women who are committed, as we are, to the active lifestyle.

We believe in style, performance, comfort, and sustainability.

Our mantra?
Be passionate. Be inspired. Be active!

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