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The idea for Kena was born gradually.  Mostly from endorphin empowered thoughts from a series of runs as I was training for my first half-marathon.   And the driving force for what we are doing at Kena is completely intertwined with the reason I was running in the first place.  I wanted to challenge myself and inspire my kids.

A funny thing happens when you become a Mom.  Much of what you do you are no longer just doing for yourself.  This is true in big ways and small ways, in subtle ways and not so subtle ways.

Our kids learn by watching us. By what we say and even more by what we do.  We are constantly an example of how to live.

So I was in decent shape, but certainly no uber-athlete.  And if you train for a race, you run a lot.  Your Ipod playlists will grow increasingly long.  Sometimes you will want to run, sometimes you won’t.  Some runs will be great, and some, well, not so much.  You will also have plenty of time to think.

And what I thought about and realized was what grows out of living an active life.  Blisters, chaffing, sore muscles, definitely.  But more importantly are joy, passion, inspiration, and the satisfaction of setting and meeting a goal.

How to live a joyful, passionate, inspired life is certainly the example I want to set.  And for me that life comes from being active and challenging myself.

Kena is born from the desire to share that.  To offer fun, functional, comfy clothes and to inspire others and ourselves to live passionate, active lives.

So go ahead.

Be Passionate. Be Inspired. Be Active.

Thanks for checking us out.


Imperfect Athlete and Owner

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